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BGC Cold brew coffee


12 hours of devotion

We have developed a cold brew coffee undiluted solution facility that extracts by dropping cold water in Philippines.


The process of producing cold brew is largely divided into ‘Immersion classic method’ and ‘Kyoto style method (Slow drip)’, and our own production process is 100% Kyoto method.

Compared to the immersion method, the Kyoto method takes a lot of time and cost to produce, but has the advantage of complementing the bitter taste, having a rich taste and lasting aroma.

Feel a subtle coffee taste that combines strong flavor and sour, sweet, and bitter taste.

Like the nickname of coffee wine, it is a high-quality coffee with a richer body and deep taste as it matures.


👍Recommended for such people!
1. Who was looking for a more hygienic and neat soft cold brew coffee!
2. A coffee rubber that is weak against caffeine but wanted to enjoy coffee!

cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee 24pcs

Paint Cold Brew

Our cold brew concentrate extracted only good ingredients of coffee for 12 hours. It is convenient with 25ml, which is perfect for one cup of drink. 

And because it’s small and practical, you can store it anytime, anywhere and drink it easily. It’s like a high-quality paint set with a variety of flavors and colors! Cold brew gift set is perfect for your loved one!!🎁